Best Engineering Blogs


I recently discovered that most successful technology companies have their own blog or site, dedicated to engineering. They usually explain concepts, problems and they analyze real case studies. I prefer the ones from smaller Startups, because the chances of dealing with the same problems are higher,at least in my case, compering to companies like Google and Facebook.

Here, I list my favorite Engineering blogs.

I ranked them based on how value were creating for me, as I am trying to build my own Startup.  

The “Startups”:

  1. Code as Craft, Etsy’s Engineering Blog
  2. Airbnb Engineering – Nerds
  3. Blog | Pinterest Engineering
  4. Engineering at Quora – Quora

The big players:

  1. The Netflix Tech Blog
  2. Blog | LinkedIn Engineering
  3. Foursquare Engineering Blog 
  4. Facebook Engineering
  5. Engineering at Twitter
  6. Dropbox Tech Blog
  7. The GitHub Blog: Engineering


If you know another engineering blog that’s worth knowing about, write it in the comments or just what’s your personal favorite.

Again if you don’t trust me enough, check out this complete list of engineering blogs.

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